for piano (2012)


Performed by Meri Tschabaschwili                                                                                                                                                            Recorded by Maximiliano Estudies, with support from the HfMT Cologne



Duration: 7 minutes

Commissioned by: Maria del Carmen Espinosa


  • October 23rd, 2012
  • Maria del Carmen Espinosa, piano
  • Centro Cultural de la PUCP (Lima, Peru)


About the work


"Our lives are the rivers that flow out into the sea, which is death" (Jorge Manrique)


In the vastness of the cordillera, a river is born.

It grows, deepens, diverts from its main course.

Restoring its direction, joined by new tributaries,

its waters are broadened and enriched.

It hastens, jumbles and flows out:

vastness is now the ocean.


Between Cordillera and Ocean, between Sierra and Coast,

a thousand bridges like this one,

connecting eternity with itself.

Sharing that which is beyond beginning and end;

that which transcends all culture.