clarinet solo (2013 / 2017)

I. Estudio de Marinera Norteña                                                                                             Performed by Luis Enrique Vargas                                                    




Duration: 10 minutes



  • February 21st, 2013 (first etude only)

  • Patricia Mora (1st Prize Winner)

  • Award Ceremony of the FICLA 2013 Clarinet Competition

  • National Conservatory of Peru (Lima, Peru)


About the work


The following etudes offer a stimulating challenge to clarinet students and professionals around the world. They can be played on clarinets of all sizes, and are suited for individual study as well as for performance in recitals, festivals and competitions.

Their pedagogic value is threefold; on a technical level, they will help achieve proficiency in a variety of articulations, dynamics, and leaps throughout the range of the instrument.  Furthermore, the reading and assimilation of tricky rhythms, the conscious differentiation of melodic and harmonic elements, and the contrasts in musical character will play a part in the development of a sensible musicianship. Also, the Estudios offer ethnomusicological insight; based on traditional genres from the coast of Peru, with a unique mix of European, African and Native American musical influences, they represent a fascinating artistic tradition still largely unknown to many musicians and concertgoers around the globe.