clarinet, viola and piano (2017)

I. Galene (Γαλήνη)

II. Thoe (Θόη)



Duration: 8 minutes


  • I. Galene (Γαλήνη)

  • II. Thoe (Θόη)

Commissioned by: violist Nina Sunyer and the Fundació Güell

Dedicated to: Nina Sunyer


About the work


"Dues Nimfes" consists of two movements, both named after Nereids (sea nymphs) of Greek mythology.

According to classical literature, there are a total of 50 Nereids. Each one posesses a particular characteristic or attribute that makes it unique.

Galene (Γαλήνη) is the Nereid of the "calm" seas.

Thoe (Θόη) is the Nereid of "swift" voyage or moving waves.

This work was comissioned by my friend, violist Nina Sunyer. It is dedicated to her.