for 25 flutes (2016)


Live recording of the premiere
Students and professors of the RSH Düsseldorf - conducted by Andre Sebald

About the work


DUE CANTI, for 25 flutes, draws inspiration mainly from Dante Aligheri´s well-known narrative poem "La Divina Comedia". The piece consists of two contrasting movements: "Inferno" and "Paradiso". 

I´ve tried to paint with sounds some of the vivid images that appear in the work. “Inferno”, a world of chaos and despair, is a vibrant cacophony consisting of an insistent, mechanical ostinato, dissonant counterpoints and frullato cries in the upper registers of all flutes.

“Paradiso”, a place of order and sensual delight, features luminous open fifths in the medium-high register, a theme in long notes which is symmetrical in design (as to represent God-like perfection and balance), aswell as long, lyrical solos for the first flute and the bass flute.

A secondary source of inspiration for the piece was the painting "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by the great Hieronymus Bosch.

Duration: 8 minutes


  • 18 C-Flutes (2 of them doubling on Piccolo)
  • 4 Alto Flutes
  • 2 Bass Flutes
  • 1 Contrabass Flute


  • I. Inferno
  • II. Paradiso

Commissioned by: André Sebald, Flute Professor at the RSH Düsseldorf

Dedicated to: André Sebald


  • May 1st, 2016
  • Performed by all flute students and professors of the RSH 
  • Conducted by André Sebald
  • RSH Düsseldorf (Düsseldorf, Germany)