violin, clarinet and piano (2017)

(Photo by Zeitklang)

(Photo by Zeitklang)



Duration: 8 minutes

Commissioned by: A-Trio


  • March 17th, 2017
  • Performed by A-Trio
  • Zeitklang Composers Collective Concert
  • DomForum (Cologne, Germany)


About the work


In 2016, the Russian Space Corporation announced its newest long-term project: a plan to establish a permanent human colony on the Moon by the year 2030. As I thought about the possible implications of this idea, an intriguing question came to mind: how might a music made by inhabitants of such a remote colony sound?

I started to imagine a music that combined well-known elements of Western tradition with new ideas and concepts, these being a result of the deeply transformed daily-life experiences of living on the Moon. I heard in my mind a lyrical solo line, performed under a lunar night sky and speaking of a deep and sustained yearning. I then sensed a strangely pulsating music, maybe a sonorous representation of a process of lunar tectonics. In between, an oscillating motif going back and forth between two harmonies; the expression of some sort of mysterious cosmic dualism… from these impressions, a primitive “sketch” started to emerge, a musical phantasy about a distant reality. A personal voyage into an unexplored compositional region.